About Us

Discount Design is a web development company that has a passion in helping people and their businesses discover their online potential. We focus on fast turn-around times in an extremely affordable custom development process that removes any hidden costs by allowing you to fully tailor your website and its features to your needs. We also support accountability as a web design company, and make sure that you’re supported every step of the way by giving you a dedicated client manager to make sure that we meet your specifications and deadlines, and only build the features you have selected, eliminating any hidden costs.

Discount Design caters to companies as small as home businesses to ones with over a hundred employees. Our agile design process combined with custom development that allows for scalability makes sure that we can build exactly what you need for your business, to your specifications, with the ability to get the features you need now, and add the ones you will need as your business grows online.

We make the process incredibly easy by giving you access to a customizable content management system (CMS) in our more deluxe packages. This system allows you to log in from any computer and update the content of your site quickly and easily without the need to edit the website itself. This lends a lot to our already dynamic development process that allows you to get exactly what you want, and keep your site updated quickly and easily. And, as always, we offer live tech support during regular business hours for all of our clients to give you the absolute best service possible, which is exactly what your business deserves.

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