Why Choose Us?


Our team of web designers and developers have made thousands of successful websites.

Working with an experienced team derived with over 13 years in web development, software and online marketing benefits you and your business by paying direct dividends to your bottom line. We can avoid pitfalls, and help you navigate a successful project that meets your goals and objectives.


More affordable than agencies

Web development agencies charge big dollars for custom websites. For many businesses, the amount of customization an agency focuses on is overkill. Discount Design has created a business model that makes website development fast and affordable. Now, anyone who wants a website can afford one.

You get flexibiliy by ordering custom features.

With our A La Carte Menu of Additional Features, you can customize and pay for only what you need, yet have everything that you want.


You get flexibiliy by ordering custom features.

We have a refined proces of rapid web development that keeps you in the loop every step of the process. You can log-in to view your project, timelines, and mockups any time you’d like. If you have a logo and imagery to start us off with, we can hit the ground running.